Try out our demo pet NFT mint algorithm

Upload a photo according to guidelines on to get the best pet NFT image. Only .jpeg/jpg and .png are allowed. The maximum file size is 5MB


IguVerse is using experimental technology to create awesome NFTs from your pet photos. Using these guidelines will help you create a better-looking NFT

  1. Make sure your pet picture is in a high resolution and a pet is clearly visible
  2. Make sure there are no human or human parts in the photo. At this stage our algorithm won't be able to cut a human being from a photo correctly. If you will upload the photo where you hold your pet in your hands, we do not guarantee that NFT will look good
  3. Make sure your pet is centered in the photo. If a pet is not fully visible in the photo, a resulted cutout may be displayed incorrectly
  4. You can use this tool for every possible animal. Even your favourite spider can be accepted. However, we will not accept every animal as a Playable character in game
  5. This is just a preview of our technology, which will be part of the game engine. At this stage, we do not mint NFTs from your photo, it's just a preview